Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lovecraft Comes to Australia


By 1952, the Australians had their first SF conference, but the Weird Tales Gang still had a lot of strength. In 1952, Lovecraft had been gone nearly 15 years, but was not a dim memory. The booklet (see image above, and text of the seller below) was dedicated, in part, to HPL.


March 22, 1952 - Edited & Published by Nick Solntseff
Science Fiction has always been extremely popular in Australia, but it wasn't until well after WWII - March 22, 1952 in Sydney - that the "Auzzies" realized their 1st Convention. The SF Commitee consisted of Chairman William D. Veney, Secretary Graham B. Stone, Treasurer Nick Solntseff, Auctioneer Arthur Haddon, and Film coordinator Lex Banning. The Convention extended over three days and included films, an auction, various programs of what is Science Fiction and The Futurian Society meeting. This program booklet also contains many congratulatory pages from fellow enthusiasts in America - Forrest Ackerman, Roy A. Squires, Mel Korshak, Lloyd Eshbach and the booklet was dedicated in memoriam to H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Abraham Merritt, and Stanley Weinbaum.

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