Saturday, September 27, 2008

Historical Note on HPL letters to REH

Signed Letter from L. Sprague de Camp to Roy A. Squires, 28 November, 1977

While he was researching his biography of Robert E. Howard ("Dark Valley Destiny") L. Sprague de Camp was able to talk to the last surviving individuals who knew Robert E. Howard personally. Obviously as relates in this letter, de Camp met a "relative" of REH's who had in their possession a collection of twenty-four postcards from H. P. Lovecraft to REH and de Camp was acting as broker in an attempt to sell the collection. As compensation deC would receive no monies, but information that he would use for his book . Being a noted specialist in Fantasy & Science Fiction - especially relating to both HPL & REH - Roy A. Squires was approached as a serious buyer. The "auction" began at $20.80 per card and unfortunately I never found out who won this collection - it was not Roy Squires!

The xerox copies of two postcards listed as "(incl.)" are not present.
Historically interesting little tidbit relating to both HPL & REH.
Nice full "L. Sprague de Camp", signature!

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