Sunday, September 28, 2008

Irving Binkin, Clark Ashton Smith, Jack Grill

Signed Letter from Clark Ashton Smith to Joseph J(ack). Grill, 21 November, 1951

The Grill - H. P. Lovecraft collection was one of the finest ever assembled and was purchased by bookseller Irving Binkin after Jack Grill's death in 1970. The collection was offered as a "whole" through "Mirage Press" in a special publication "A Catalog of Lovecraftiana". Jack Grill approached everyone he could find regarding Lovecraft material and eventually found his way to Clark Ashton Smith. Unfortunately I do not have the letter to CAS, but I have a response from Smith wherein he notes sending Grill "the copy of 'Leaves' and 5 of H. P. L's postcards. I can supply you with more cards at the same rate if desired".

Interesting to note that CAS did not offer Grill any letters.

The letter is signed in full "Clark Ashton Smith", and with the letter is the original envelope also signed.

The letter is in excellent condition.

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Magister said...

Are you sure of the name on the envelope? It doesn't look like "Grill" to me. IIRC, Grill's name was Phillip Jack Grill.



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