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Seller's Notes:
Necronomicon Press IN MEMORIAM HOWARD PHILLIPS LOVECRAFT, by W. Paul Cook, First Printing,m Limited Edition #164/475, (1977) Rare Out of Print
BOOK: Necronomicon Press (West Warwick, Rhode Island), 1977, First Printing (First Edition Thus). Reprinted by NP in 1991. Facsimile reproduction of the 1941 title of the same name, that was limited to 94 copies [Driftwind Press].Softcover Chapbook Format (Octavo ~ 8.5" x 7.5"), 76 pages. Out of print. Rare and VERY in demand.

CONDITION: Very Good Minus. Just some age wear (soiling to covers, toning, etc.).
CONTENTS: In Memoriam Howard Philips Lovecraft: W. Paul Cook

There may be those who go through life without at some time having the maddening desire to curse themselves of to seek out some acquaintance and request to be kicked where it will do the most good. I am not one of these fortunates. When Howard Philips Lovecraft died I was a great many miles from New England, my address was not widely known, and it was some time after the funeral when I received the news from several sources in one mail. Reaching into the pigeon hole of unanswered letters I pulled out not one, but three, from Lovecraft. Spreading the letters out before me, I went into a black spell of self-recrimination. It made no difference in my feelings that there was nothing in the letters requiring immediate reply. I had shown, to say the least, an unpardonable discourtesy to one of the truest gentlemen and staunchest friends I have ever known. This special limited edition of W. Paul Cook's In Memoriam: Howard Philips Lovecraft is an exact reproduction of the 1941 first printing, limited to 94 copies, and is reprinted from a copy owned by the Necronomicon Press. This printing is number 164 in a limited first edition of 475.

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