Saturday, September 27, 2008

1921 NAPA Boston Convention of July

Well if the previous "Woodbee, 1922" is rare air, this one is near outer space. Photos!

Here's the seller's notes: Description:
"NATIONAL TRIBUTE" - August, 1921
Edited by E. Dorothy MacLaughlin

The National Amateur Convention in Boston, July, 1921 is the main focus of this excellent issue with five pages of commentary about Howard Phillips Lovecraft -"The time will never be when I will the less enjoy the splendidness of Howard Lovecraft. He is a big man in every way...he has proven himself to be the most human of documents...a sense of humor that is astounding, because one would doubt he possessed the gift...a man with a deep sense of honor...he is a modest man ..." - George Julian Houtain.

Many other humorous notes regarding Lovecraft and his shenannigans during the convention. There are also mentions of Sonia Green and her involvement with Lovecraft during many occasions. Photographs of Lovecraft, Sonia Greene, and James Morton, Jr., are present as well as photos of many of amateur journalisms most important members, George Houtain, William Dowdell, Dorothy MacLaughlin and others.

Nice copy of this slick-papered 'zine with string-tie still in place.
A scarce piece of Lovecraft memorabilia, especially in this condition!

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OCONNOR,CD said...

I am proud to say that this magazine resides in my private collection. My name is Charles D. O'Connor III. I am 26 years old and live in Virginia.


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