Saturday, January 12, 2008

Words From a Pulp 'Zine Collector (1932)

Lovecraft was a collector. Some of you have 1920's and 1930's Weird Tales and other pulps. Heavens! They were falling apart in Lovecraft's day, how in the world did they survive 80 years?

28 July 1932: {To Barlow} I am keeping only a W.T. {Weird Tales} file plus the early numbers of Amazing Stories. The issues are stacked on a shelf without covering - in a small closet which receives daylight although free from the direct beams of the sun. Some of the early issues are in very crumbly shape around the edges - & certain numbers around 1928 are badly damaged from a leak in the water pipe above them. H Warner Munn binds all his old magazines in leatherette - being very clever at the process.

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