Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Re: Margaret Brundage

Jeff, that's just the kind of myth-busting we need.  I very much apppreciate your comments, keep 'em coming! 
I have a lot of things, but I suppose the world can barely contain the things written about HPL and his peripheral contacts.  That's why I need you {readers} to help me uncover these things.  :)

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This is not actually true; it's just popular myth.  I
read an interview with Margaret Brundage in which she
said that she usually worked from her own imagination
and only rarely would hire a model.  As for using her
daughters, this is from Wikipedia:

L. Sprague de Camp is often quoted as claiming she
used her daughters as models; but Brundage had no
daughters. In the letters page for Savage Tales
magazine, No.5 (July, 1974), Robert Weinberg, an
authority on pulp magazines, wrote "much as I hate to
discredit a good story, WT cover artist Margaret
Brundage did not have a daughter who posed for her. As
Mrs. Brundage lives in Chicago and I have interviewed
her, this is straight from the artist's mouth."

I also remember reading, somewhere, that it's not true
that HPL used to tear off the covers of his copies of
Weird Tales.  I think I might have read that in S.T'
Joshi's biography of Lovecraft but I will have to
check to be sure.


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