Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Etchings and Odysseys


Lovecraftian and Lovecraft Circle items frequently appeared in this 'zine. Here are some images and various notes.

Jimster57 syas: The 2nd pic is from the back cover of #2,and features Margaret Brundage, who did some pretty risque covers for Weird Tales, back in the day. I read that HPL was so mortified by 'em, thathe tore off the covers to his own copies! ... "Margaret Brundage used her daughters as models. Her fondness for the female form embarrassed H.P. Lovecraft, who used to remove the covers and dispose of them."from Living in Fear by Les Daniels ... http://www.shawnnacol.com/DM-Brundage.htm

And on ebay: ETCHINGS & ODYSSEYS (#1) FIRST ISSUE! 1973 ONLY 250 NUMBERED COPIES!!!One of the best of the fanzines devoted to ""The Weird" and its practitioners - Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft and others. Editor Eric Carlson with assistance from John Koblas crammed this first issue with a wonderful assortment of fictions, poems, and articles, bulking it up to 160 PAGES! Pieces include fictions by Robert E. Howard - 'Casonetto's Last Song', Joseph Payne Brennan - 'Extermination', and 'First Love', poetry by Robert E. Howard - 'The Voices Waken Memory', 'Babel' and 'Rune', articles by E. Hoffmann Price - two letters on Weird fiction, Ramsey Campbell - "A Somewhat Drawn Lovecraft", Carl Jacobi - Five-page interview with the late author, Richard L. Tierney - Lovecraft related - 'When the Stars are Right', Darrell Schweitzer - 'Filming "The Outsider"', Ted Pons - 'Robert E. Howard: The Other Heroes'.

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