Thursday, January 03, 2008

Donald Wandrei Ephemera Surfaces

This cache is from Wandrei's estate and seems to date from the 1940's. Several are signed.

The seller states:


This lot consists of ten items which were obtained by us from the estate of DONALD WANDREI shortly after his passing in 1987.
Donald Wandrei (April 20, 1908–1987) was an American science fiction, fantasy and weird fiction writer, poet and editor. He was the older brother of science fiction writer and artist Howard Wandrei. Wandrei was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He graduated from the Universit of Minnesota in 1928, with a BA in English. Wandrei started writing in the 1920s and his writing career took off around 1932. He was active in pulp magazines (everything from BLACK MASK and CLUES to WEIRD TALES and ASTOUNDING STORIES. He was a member of the "Lovecraft Circle," corresponding with and having friendships with H. P. Lovecraft and other members of the circle (Frank Belknap Long, Clark Ashton Smith, August Derleth, etc). With Derleth, he cofounded Arkham House. In recent years, Fedogan & Bremer have published several books with Wandrei magazine stories. To learn more about Wandrei, we suggest Fedogan & Bremer's comprehensive, witty and thoughtful essay by D. H. OLSON - a good friend and the preeminent expert on all things Wandrei.
Here's a great opportunity to obtain some unique Wandrei material.

1) "The World" October, 1922 - literary magazine from Wandrei's High School. Nice condition. Donald wrote his name and Homeroom number on the cover.

2) "Poetry" December, 1923 - a small poetry magazine (cover needs regluing to binding).

3) "Transatlantic Review" August, 1924. Nice condition.

4) THE TRAINING OF LITERARY JUDGMENT by LEONORA BRANCH, a 1931 softcover, appears to be a First Edition. Very Good condition. Wandrei signed his name on the cover.
5) Pennsylvania Railroad envelope, with one receipt stamped June 1, 1940, and another stamped May 29, 1940, both for passage from New York to Chicago. Two tickets, baggage stubs etc.

6) Single sheet Travelers Insurance policy stamped 1940.

7) A Western Union telegram, plus the original envelope, from DONALD WANDREI to his brother HOWARD WANDREI (note western Union misspelled Howard's name), dated October 3, 1943, notifying his family that he is getting a furlough from the Army and will be visiting Saint Paul.

8) "The Double Dealer" March/April, 1923. Nice condition. Features the story "Simple Simon" by A. E. COPPARD.

9) Brochure/map of the "Penn Yan" or "Lake Keuka" resort area. As I recall from some of his letters, Donald was at one point trying to convince August Derleth to go there with him on a drinking vacation.

10) "Pagany A Native Quarterly" Spring, 1931. Very good condition (age spotting). Donald signed his name and wrote his address on the cover.

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