Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lovecraft on Margaret Brundage

{December 1933's Cover}

{17 December 1933 to R H Barlow} The latest Weird Tales is nothing to brag about. {Donald) Wandrei's and {Robert E.} Howard's contributions being the only items worth reading. That cover "artist", Mrs. Brundage, certainly pays {Frank} Utpatel the compliment of imitation. Besides the current steal from the "Star-Spawns" design, Derleth informs me that her last month's cover - the woman-&-skull motif - was a direct (& vastly inferior) copy of an Utpatel end-piece which {Farnsworth} Wright bought but never used.

{Here's November 1932's Cover. I can't locate the Frank Utpatel illustration.}

{August 1932: The Lair of the Star-Spawn • August W. Derleth}

December 1933 Weird Tales Line Up
Cover Margaret Brundage
King Cobra • Joseph O. Kesselring • nv
Red Gauntlets of Czerni [*Jules de Grandin] • Seabury Quinn • nv
The Ox-Cart • Frank Owen • ss
Abd Dhulma, Lord of Fire • G. G. Pendarves • nv
Old Garfield's Heart • Robert E. Howard • ss
Monkeys • E. F. Benson • ss
The Vampire Master [Part 3 of 4] • Hugh Davidson The Closed Door • Harold Ward • ss
The Lady in Gray • Donald Wandrei • ss
The Secret of the Growing Gold • Bram Stoker • ss

{Brundage did every Weird Tales cover for 39 straight issues from June 1933 to August 1936. }

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