Sunday, January 20, 2008

T Peter Park's Note on Dr. Gurlt's Cube

One of my own all-time favorite anomalous ancient artifacts has long been "Dr. Gurlt's Cube," a regular cube of shaped iron found in a Tertiary coal bed in Austria in 1885. In his final paragraph, the author oddly omits one good possible explanation for at least some anomalous> ancient artifacts: extraterrestrial visitation. His suggestion that "Other intelligent beings and civilizations existed on earth far beyond our recorded history" reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft's tales featuring pre-human races and civilizations in our planet's distant geological past, as in HPL's "At the Mountains of Madness" and "The Shadow Out of Time," as well as Cthulhu lying dreaming in his undersea Pacific> sanctuary of sunken R'lyeh in "The Call of Cthulhu." But then, Cthulhu> was an extraterrestrial ...

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