Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lovecraft's Legacy: Fantasy Advertiser (1950)

It's astonishing how pricey items are going for on ebay. An HPL related 'zine went for nearly $90 this week. Whew.

***edit*** This one went for $24.29 + $4.50 postage on 17 January 2008 *** 4 bids ***

Anyway, here;s a rare item that's surfaced. The seller states: FANTASY ADVERTISER Mar'50 w/Lin Carter on H P LOVECRAFT, Malcolm Ferguson on Thomas Burke of Limehouse, illustrations by Jon Arfstrom, Lin Carter, Jack Gaughan. Of particular interest is the first auction put on by editor/publisher/long-time collector Roy A Squires. 77 fabulous items offered up for bid with no minimum. A complete set of Futuria Fantasia, 1912 All-Story mag with TARZAN complete, SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH, Ray Bradbury signed manuscript, original Amazing Stories cover art & lots more. VG-FINE copy.

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