Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rare Weird Tales 1931 Glimpse Inside

A portion of Frank Belkanp Long's story "THE HORROR FROM THE HILLS" (part 2, conclusion) from the March 1931 WEIRD TALES magazine is shown here. It's stated to be in excellent condition for a starting bid of $9.99. These old magazines were friable even when they were new, so it's no wonder there are fragments of these laying around. There are still an unusual number of whole copies left, which means they were lovingly cared for by several generations of collectors. This one is 77 years old. Whew.

In O' Fortunate Floridian, Lovecraft says of this story [29 January 1934 HPL to RH Barlow] ...The H from H {Horror From the Hills} thing, of course, must be that lousy Senf thing - that pretty nelephant {sic}. So, obviously Lovecraft was not keen on the illustration or the illustrator. Later, on 6 July 1934, he kids Barlow: "Am on a 3-day trip witht he High-Priest of Chaugnar ...". Long was peddling Weird Tales ilustrations of his stories for a period of a few months for between 50 cents and 75 cents, including the one shown here.
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