Monday, January 21, 2008

Lovecraft's Legacy (1977) Miskatonic & Dirk Mosig

THE MISKATONIC #70 Vol. 5, #2, MAY 1st, 1977 ONLY 160 COPIES!!!One of the best of the fanzines devoted to Lovecraft and edited by the legendary HPLiian, Dirk W. Mosig. This issue prepared for the Esoteric Order Of Dagon members is loaded, with an article on Lovecraft's songs with Harold Farnese by James Wade. Also a previously unpublished poem by Lovecraft himself entitled "The Conscript", appearances by F. Lee Baldwin - a Lovecraft correspondent, Don Burleson, a "Message from the Tomb" by Walter Gillings. As new copy.PRINT RUN STATED AT ONLY 160 COPIES!

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