Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Madness From the Sea: Part 6 Dracula?

"Before long the searchlight discovered some distance away a schooner with all sails set, apparently the same vessel which had been noticed earlier in the evening. The wind had by this time backed to the east, and there was a shudder amongst the watchers on the cliff as they realized the terrible danger in which she now was. ... I shall send, in time for your next issue, further details of the derelict ship which found her way so miraculously into harbour in the storm."

The passage from Dracula must surely have been in mind as HPL delineated the voyage of the ship. He declares, "Mystery Derelict Found At Sea" and later we discover that it is a "schooner".

Dracula pops up in HPL's stories as a parody and backdrop from time to time. From the Alchemist's broken battlements, to The Hound's bats, and beyond, there is always a sly smile in Lovecraft's words for the old Count.

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