Friday, March 02, 2007

Lunar Eclipse of 3 March 2007

Lovecraft saw and observed many eclipses. This one will be over Providence, again. The East Coast will enjoy the longest view, but, even there, the Moon will rise already eclipsed since the Moon rises at about 5:45 P.M. EST.

On 2 January 1917 in the Providence Evening News, Howard wrote, "At the time of the full moon on January 7-8 there will be a total lunar eclipse; visible at Providence {between 11:36 PM (enters penumbra) to 5:33 AM (leaves penumbra)}. The long period of totality comprising nearly an hour and a half, will afford an interesting specatacle ... In the eclipse of 1884 the moon totally disappeared from the sight of the naked eye; a phenomenon of great rarity... The lunar eclipse is, of course, an eclipse of the sun by the Earth as seen by an observor on the moon."

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