Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Madness From the Sea: Part 1 - Valparaiso

^c. 1910^
^Naval School^
^Sailors Walking In City^
^A Night View of the Harbor c. 1900^

Chrispy wrote a parallel tale of what happened to poor Johansen and Briden. You may read it at HLnet (click). However, let's take a look at what Francis Wayland Thurston would have known and seen way back in 1927! Some of it is courtesy of that wonderful time machine known as ebay. :)

First we start with, "The Morrison co.'s freighter Vigilant, bound from Valparaiso... The Vigilant left Valparaiso March 25th ..."

The Latitude is 33° 02' South and Longitude is 71° 38' West

This shows the approximate route the vessel would have taken to New Zealand.

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