Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Madness From The Sea: Part 5 The Emma?

After many, many months of searching, Chrispy may have found an allusion to Lovecraft's anecdote, "...was sighted April 12th ... on April 12th the derelict was sighted ... deserted ... Gustaf Johansen ... had been second mate of the two-masted schooner Emma of Aukland ...".

This blurb was found on the 'net. "Trading Ketch ‘Lialeeta’, Built in 1913 by Wilsons of Port Cygnet in Tasmania, the Lialeeta was one of a fleet of Sail Traders owned by Thomas Spaulding. The Lialeeta, a Ketch of 82 tons. Built 1913. Lbd 78 x 22.8 x 6.6 ft. Left Balgowan, SA, bound for Melbourne, on 11 April 1925 but was not seen again after calling at Semaphore for provisions. Crew of five lost. [LS] Lost at sea May 1925."

This is too uncanny for words. Chrispy actually got gooseflesh when I read this and saw the picture.
In any event, this blog will ask readers to take a moment of silence for all real sailors who have lost their lives at sea.
Next up ... Dracula?

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