Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lovecraft's Providence: Moses Brown School

In The Case of Charles Dexter Ward we read, " 1919 or 1920, during the boy's last year at the Moses Brown School, where he suddenly turned from the study of the past to the study of the occult...".

It's uncertain who Lovecraft intends this person to be, but the Moses Brown School was an important Ivy League Prep School. He had to eye the school with envy since, 1n 1904, he missed all chance of attending this prestigious chool and in 1908 did not go to college.

The ad reads:
Formerly Friend's School, Providence, R.I.; Founded in 1784; A School for Students from Good Homes; Upper School, Prepares for Yale, Harvard, Welleslry, Vassar and other colleges. Fine studio and strong course in arts and crafts. Music, Wood carving and manual training. Extensive grounds with new gymnasium and swimming pool provide for physical development and sports. LOwer School - Entirely distinct department for younger boys preparing for the upper school.
This appears to be Captain Moses Brown, USN.

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