Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lovecraft's Circle: Duane Rimel 1940

Here is an image of a vintage pre-WWII fanzine.

The seller states: {Here is a} Duane Rimel piece ... a copy of Paul Freehafer's fanzine publication, "Polaris". This is vol.1 #4 Sept. 1940. According to the Pavlat & Evans index to fanzines, there were only six issues. This issue has stories by Damon Knight, John F. Burke, Jack Chapman Miske, two stories by Robert Barlow, and one by Duane Rimel. The story, "The Tree On The Hill", was, according to Joshi, revised by Lovecraft in 1934. This is the first publication of it. Rimel was one of the "Lovecraft Circle". He corresponded with HPL from 1934-37 and Lovecraft assisted Rimel with literary matters. He is the same Rimel who co-edited the "Acolyte" in the 1940's. This issue has been inscribed to fellow Lovecraft Circle member, F. Lee Baldwin. It was HPL who put Baldwin in touch with Rimel in 1934. This explains the inscription, "I hope you like this one Lee; remember when you read it a long time ago?". This is a great association piece bringing together Duane Rimel, H.P, Lovecraft and F. Lee Baldwin.
The sellere continues by mentioning the historical notes that other Rimel work was published in soft cover volumes edited by Ralph E. Vaughan by Running Dinosaur Press in 1988 & 1989. A third booklet is "Crypt of Cthulhu" #79 from 1991 with ten pieces by Rimel
Duane Rimel died in 1996 and although he signed some of his later work, the early fanzine material signed, is very scarce if not rare. F. Lee Baldwin died in 1987.

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Ralph E. Vaughan said...

In addition to "The Many Worlds of Duane Rimel" and "The Second Book of Rimel," I also published a small edition of Duane poem cycle "Dreams of Yith" prior to his passing; each of the poems was illustrated, and the booklet was in an 8-1/2x11 format. Like the earlier published poems and stories, they were taken from publications, manuscript carbons and poems he copied into his letters to me.


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