Monday, March 05, 2007

The Black Swamp: Part 13 Finale

Chrispy had to end this series with 13 !

The swamp exists today. It is claimed to be as hard to reach as it was 80 or more years ago.

The Eddys claimed in their memoirs that HPL virtually collapsed in the heat, but the letter to Long shows little evidence of this. Lovecraft tended to tolerate heat well - the Eddy's say so in their memoirs. In fact, Lovecraft speaks that the legend of the Dark Swamp was located "in the autumn". The Long letter is dated 8 November ! One does wonder when this trip took place!

The exciting part is that only a short time after meeting CM Eddy - a mere few weeks - they are off on many adventures of enormous portent - including to locate the beast of the Dark Swamp.

Lovecraft clearly is endeared by CM Eddy and his family as he uses the affectionate, " So on that Sunday my son and I took the stage ...". Lovecraft, the elder statesman in his demeanor and posture, refers to Eddy as "son". This clearly means, that for better or worse, CM Eddy was respected and befriended by HPL!

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