Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Unique Houdini Letter circa 1925: Same time HPL is in New York

We know that on 28 September 1924 Houdini wrote to Lovecraft and said he would introduce him to someone significant. We are unsure who that "someone" was. However, Houdini had numerous acquaintances and friends.

Don Carlos Seitz was one. Here is a rare signed item by Houdini. Even here, he has received a pamphlet on spiritualism. His spy network was indeed vast - and Houdini seemed to like to choose writers for some reason. Here Seitz, and Henneberger, Eddy, and ... Lovecraft?

Don Carlos Seitz (1862-1935) was born in Portage, Ohio. From 1890 onwards he was a newspaper manager and publisher in New York. He was a prolific writer including:
Whistler Stories (1913); Surface Japan (1911); Horace Greeley (1926); and The Bucaneers (1912).

This item was on ebay and described thus: From the collection of Lewis Capen. Typed letter ( *8 1/2" x 5 1/2") addressed to Mr. Don Seitz, on Houdini's stationary, saying "My dear Don Seitz:-Thanks for your pamphlet 'Modern Spiritualism'. I read with interest the criticism on your book of Pirates. Kindest regards and best wishes, Sincerely your, Houdini". Letter is dated June 24, 1925.

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