Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Lovecraft was not a romantic, but Chrispy is.

Thank you for reading the blog - and to many of you who have allowed me to feature your work, stories, and essays. You have much to do in a day, so your few moments to read my tribute to HPL is nice. Even more so, those of you who endure my stories over at Horrorlibrary.

This is the best HPL I can find ...

Thanks for the gift, nor blame me if I Teter
And slip into mine antient{sic} vice of meter,
For sure, your kindness piles Temptation on
With this new Handy Guide to Helicon.

"An Epistle to the Rt. Honble Maurice Winter Moe, Esq. of the Ztthopolis, in the Northwest Territory of HIS MAJESTY'S American Dominions" July 1929.

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