Monday, November 27, 2006

A Tired and Ranting HPL Blurts About C. M. Eddy?

In a 11 January 1926 letter to Aunt Lillian (1) HPL vents in a very long diatriabe against New York, modern life, ethnic diasporas, and fianlly, "As for me, I'm sick of Bohemians, odds & ends, freaks, & plebians - C. M. Eddys & satellites & miscellany &c".

Why his long time friend Eddy (since August 1923) would even end up in a diatribe of invictives is strange. The phraseology is also peculiar. In 1926, sattelite did not have the "Sputnick" connotation that it does today. It clearly did not mean "moons of planets" as HPL is far from the subject of astronomy here. No, it seems clear it has the classic and original meaning of "hired agent". But agent of whom?

Meriam Webster: Entry: sat·el·lite - noun
Etymology: Middle French, from Latin satellit-, satelles attendant
1 : a hired agent or obsequious follower : MINION , SYCOPHANT

(1) Letters From New York, S. T. Joshi, 2005, Night Shade Books, San Francisco, p.271

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