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Fantasy Fan March 1934

A rare edition being auctioned * on ebay.

The MARCH 1934 issue of the fanzine THE FANTASY FAN, Volume 1 Number 7, edited by Charles D. HORNIG, featured:
-Our Readers Say
-Gods of the North (an early CONAN story) by Robert E. HOWARD
-Supernatural Horror in Literature, Part 6 by H.P. LOVECRAFT
-Your Views Revenant (verse) by Clark Ashton SMITH
-The Words in the Sky (a true experience) by Kenneth B. PRITCHARD
-How to Write a Weird Tale by Hoy Ping PONG
-A Sad Story of the Future by Forrest J. ACKERMAN
-The Time Machine (A Bibliographical Note) by R.H. BARLOW

This is an interesting mix of old (Mythos) guard and new guard. Howard, Lovecrfat and Barlow were of the "Lovecraft circle", while Ackerman, Bradbury, Hannes Boc, and Ray Harryhausen were the new guard. The latter were high school buddies who rode street cars to movies and fan meetings prior to their exlosion of the science fiction and horror scenes.

I copied a bit of the text below - as best as I could.

"Clark Ashhton Smith's story, 'The Ghoul" is fascinating all the way through and the plot {is} one that fits in with the (?) I am ardently waitng for more poems by him.
"Supernatural Horror in Literature" grows ever more absorbing with the dawn odf the Horror Tale. It is certainly something to tuck away and think over. Especially interesting is how the genre started and gained (?) in our own century from the European and the fact that super is more prominent is northern blood than in southern speaking (?) - latin and the like.
Very glad to see the new issue. Smith's article is extermely apt and timely. I find that James Tale (?) to be proppopularly underappreciated. Harker's (?) tale is the best yet - he seems to improve continually. The It's a good idea to substitute a department of general discussion for "The hailing Point". - H P Lovecraft.

* (As of 9 Nov 06)

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