Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sunset over Providence

{updated. This was taken tonight at Iroquois Park, Louisville, Ky. (c) 2006 Chris Peridas. Hope it gives a little of the flavor HPL was expressing}.


The scene now became wildly beautiful by reason of one of the most beautiful sunsets in the history of Providence. The whole west flam'd forth as if the door of some Cyclopean furnace had been thrown wide; and the old mansion stood out black against a veritable holocaust of empyreal fire. The spectacl was a chromatick tumult uneartly and iridescent, nearly every colour having its place - even a vivid and sunset green which seem'd to typify the poisonous corrosion and putrefaction of the decaying elder America. It was like the phrensy of hysterical cymbals and brasses translated into light and colour - a screaming terrible thing while it lasted. And because it was violent and terrible, it was very beautiful.

The only reference I have is SL I.263-264.

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