Sunday, November 19, 2006

Another Critical Discovery: On Ebay

Lovecraft's amateur journalism photo uncovered and for sale (starting at $1500). here is the accompnaying text with the auction...

H. P. LOVECRAFT: original photograph with a signed card This week I (1) offer another unique HPL item from a wonderful collection. An original vintage photograph of H. P. Lovecraft measuring approximately 4" x 5" taken by his friend and executor of his estate, Robert H. Barlow in 1934. One of the sharpest images of HPL I (1) have ever seen, one can discern a scar on his chin and a face displaying the rigors of shaving with antiquated technology! But not an unpleasant face certainly. Framed with the photograph is an official amateur press card nominating Hyman Bradofsky - current vice-president of the organization, for president, signed in full by HPL with his address. Hyman Bradofsky was the subject of a nasty anti-semitic smear campaign which prompted HPL to defend him with his famous paper - "Some Current Motives & Practices". These pieces came to me when I purchased Hyman Bradofsky's Lovecraft collection from him in 1988. Note that full "H. P. Lovecraft" signatures are scarce, as he most often signed his name "HPL", or "E'ch-pi-el"...and numerous other variants.The full measurement of the framed items is 12" x 16", an excellent presentation. Any shadows or dullness of the photographs are caused by my own shadows and are not present on the pieces themselves. (1) Offered by Terence McVicker, Rare Books

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