Thursday, November 16, 2006

Houdini and Lovecraft According to Letters to Lillian Clark. II

continued ...


[1924 September 30 to Aunt Lillian Clark] (3) "Did I say that Houdini has written, promising to find something for me? Probably I did - but I might as well transcribe in toto the note I received yesterday. (Monday).
"September 28, 1924
"My Dear Lovecraft:-
"Received your letter and will be back next Sunday and Monday, October 5 and 6, respectively, before I leave for the coast.
"Give me a ring on my private 'phone, Cathedral 8260, by all means, as I want to put you in touch with someone worth-while, In the meantime I am already spreading propaganda.
"With Kindest Regards,
"Sincerely Yours,
"Keith's Phila. Week Sept. 29."

{In early days, phone numbers were listed by alphabetic prefixes, that is Cathedral represents CA or 22-8260. Numbers were only 6 digits long.}

(3) pp. 75 of H. P. Lovecraft: Letters From New York, ed. Joshi & Schultz, Night Shade Books, San Francisco, 2005.

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