Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lovecraft and the Hatred of Seafood

Wandrei wrote:

{In Providence} while the sun was still up, we walked to downtown... "There's a place called Jake's on the waterfront that offers great portions of viands for a modest charge," {Lovecraft} suggested ... I ordered something I had never had - swordfish steak. When it arrived I noticed a curious aversion in Lovecraft's face, an expression of disgust so strong that I remarked on it.

"I can not tolerate seafood in any form ... the very sight and smell of it nauseate me. Don't let it disturb you - by all means consume the horrible stuff. Yunger and stronger constitutions than that of the old man can absorb such punishment. But one mouthful would manke me actually and violently ill.

"I have hated fish and feared the sea and everything connected with it since I was two years old ... but I can not recall what earlier experience gave me such a profound and lasting aversion to the sea and seafood."

For himself he had Boston baked beans with bacon, apple pie with ice cream, and heavily sugared coffee.

"The Dweller in Darkness: Lovecraft, 1927", Donald Wandrei, Marginalia, Collected by Derleth & Wandrei, Arkham House, Sauk City, WI, 1944, p. 364.

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