Monday, November 27, 2006

Bats: "The Hound" and Chrispy in the Park with Bats.

(c) 2006 Chris Perridas

"I approached the ancient grave I had once violated, and frightened away an abnormally large horde of bats which had been hovering curiously around it."

Actually, I pulled over to the park to watch the sunset and see if I could get a picture to go with Lovecraft's prose-poem ode to a sunset (see below, another blog entry). I saw a bat, and watched. It did it's usual bat thing, flitting to catch mosquitoes, moths, and what not.

I got out and took a few pictures of the moon, the sunset, and then walked closer. The bat was joined by companions, so I thought - go for it. Being dusk, I set the digital camera and flashed away. That's when I discovered two things. My camera is not made to take bat pictures, and bats do NOT like their pictures taken by flash papparazzi. They started to zip at me and I decided to move away - quickly.

Here are a couple of surrealistic bat pictures for you.

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john Rowlands said...

I will send you a better picture


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