Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lovecraft to Eddy (5 September 1924)

From L W Currey:

Lovecraft, H[oward] P[hillips].
6 pages, dated 5 September, n.y. [but 1924], to "Dear C M E Jr." [Clifford M. Eddy, Jr.], signed "yr most obt grandpa HPL."

Written on three sheets of 6 x 9 1/2-inch paper with Hotel Pantlind letterhead, from 259 Parkside Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Approximately 1000 words.

Apologizes for delay in writing, citing pressures of work. Complains about the uncertainties of free-lance work; reports efforts to find regular literary employment, including for a trade journal, The Haberdasher -- undoubtedly arranged by his wife, Sonia, who worked in the fashion business.

He refers to her in passing a couple of times, but never by name ("the frau," "the upper half," "the wife").

Thanks him for the loan of recent All-Stories issue with sequel to A. Merritt's THE MOON POOL ("… very good, thought its diffuseness, romanticizing & explanatory quality make it a bit less powerful than 'The Moon Pool' itself.")

Reports the reading of Eddy's story "The Better Choice" at a meeting of "the gang" and its favorable reception aside from a few problems, chiefly the presence of so many formulaic phrases, of which HPL then lists a dozen examples ("rubbed elbows", "Cimmerian darkness", "wild-eyed, staring").

"The idea is to get away from formulae & state things in some new & arresting form.
Of course it's darned difficult -- but it's worth it!"

Reports current status of various titles on the private postal circulating library that Lovecraft and his friends used to exchange reading material. (It should be remembered that the current inter-library loan system had not yet been established.) .

Letter has faint mailing creases, but is in fine condition. (#109139)

Price: $1,500.00

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