Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lovecraft and Postcards

In the blog posts, Chrispy has tried to show that Lovecraft's postcard writing style was not unique. He was a bit verbose, but again, he was not alone.

Here is a 1904 card dated 1924 - so again, Lovecraft was not unique in his use of odd scraps to write on.

The scene of this card is a strange one. Usually postcards were scenic, but this one is kind of dark and edgy. It's at the edge of a railyard, supposedly a streetcar yard, or turnaround. The storefronts are also a bit edgy if not downright dodgy.

It would make a nice alternate scene for Ed Lee's recent trolleymythos story. Not recommended for the squeamish, but since I'm trying to keep this a bit family freindly, I can't even say a lot about it's content. That's probably best, since it might say too much about Chrispy and his tatses in graphic horror.

Back to the post card, you'll see that every square inch allowable is used for the "letter" to this person's acquaintance. This is very Lovecraftian. The subject matter is more mundane, but then if one looks at HPL's cards, they often were of mundane matters. We just get thrilled (rightfully so) because they reveal his whereabouts, and his thinking, and locations.

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