Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clara Hess

Clara Hess was an eyewitness, from time to time, of the Phillips and Lovecraft family. A visitor with her reporter father and mother to Theodore W Phillips' home, she met Lovecraft and his mother, Susan. As years moved onward, she bumped into Howard at High School, at least once when he was looking in his telescope, and probably other times. During Howard's reclusive years when he only came out at night, she still met and rode the trolley or omnibus with Susan Lovecraft and was saddened by her slow deterioration.

While there is no evidence, one does wonder if Clara might have been fond of Howard Lovecraft in a way he would not or could not reciprocate. She remembered him for many years later as she wrote an article on him.

Chrispy never found any evidence that Clara married, but it could be forthcoming with further research. Her brother became a reporter for ProJo in his adult life. (Providence Journal).

In, Gustav Mahler: The New England Tour, 1910, by Mary H Wagner (2006) her research uncovered another anecdote about 20 year old Clara Hess.
There are so many new readers of the HPLblog, that from time to time I'll bring out older posts.

The text reads:

... and then we read Clara's name. Yes, she was an elite of Providence, it appears.

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