Friday, January 22, 2010

Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

This message in from T Peter Park:

Donald Jeffries, author of the science-fiction/fantasy novel The Unreals ( Publishing, 2007), thinks many Lovecraft devotees would be interested in Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson's 1970's Illuminatus trilogy, which includes HPL as a background character. Shea and Wilson insinuate that he inadvertently revealed secrets about the Illuminati in his writings. They make a great deal out of HPL's malign other-dimensional entity Yog-Sothoth , whom they claim is an actual denizen housed in the Pentagon. Shea and Wilson ominously hint that it was dangerous for anyone to even mention his name; his primary purpose was absorbing human souls.

The Necronomicon was also mentioned throughout the trilogy, and the "mad" Abdul Alhazred was said to be one of the first, if not the first, member of the Illuminati. Shea and Wilson also stated that this was a "forbidden" book, and merely referring to it brought Lovecraft to the attention of the Illuminati. In fact, they attribute his relatively early death to the secrets he accidentally exposed in his writings.

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Shane Mangus said...

Illuminatis! is a fun read. I have been a huge devotee of Robert Anton Wilson for many years now (Crispy, make sure you amend the tag for this post - wrong last name for RAW).

If I remember correctly, Wilson has stated that Lovecraft is the only horror writer he has ever really taken seriously.

Here is a link to an article RAW wrote, entitled “My Debt to H. P. Lovecraft”:


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