Friday, January 22, 2010

Contra Lovecraft

HPL sometimes could be so bombastic.

[To Long, February 1924]
"As to my admiration of the Nordic type ... 'tis their ability to take nothing seriously .. the world and all life are an utter trifle - a contemptible farce of futility - and it does not matter in the elast what anybody thinks or does ..."

In college and Philosophy 101, many years ago, Chrispy replied on a mid-term test - "OK, what does it matter, we should all just commit suicide." in partial answer to some moralistic relativistic minutiae. With a smirky scrawl, the professor (who had broken his spine, was confined to a wheel chair, had little use of his fingers, but vailaintly came to class, wrote on the chalk board, and taught each day) gave me an A, and replied, "You first."

Many years of reflection have come and gone. I've not read this book, one person can make a difference. I think.

Greg Mortenson won the hearts of readers with the publication three years ago of “Three Cups of Tea,’’ which chronicled his failed 1993 attempt to climb the mountain K2 in Pakistan and his subsequent promise to build a school in gratitude for being rescued by villagers.

Little did Mortenson know that this would become his life’s calling. His nonprofit Central Asia Institute, based in Montana, has since opened more than 130 schools.

Mortenson’s passionate new book, “Stones Into Schools,’’ picks up where “Three Cups of Tea’’ left off by recounting the author’s harrowing and risky foray into war-torn Afghanistan, where he has opened schools in remote villages, while trying to win the support of a suspicious central government.

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