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1918 Newport, RI Mercury News Weekly

1918 Newport,RI Mercury News Weekly (30 Nov 1918 prominently noted)

It was political season as can be seen. [To Kleiner, 25 Nov 1918] "In the recent political campaign, the greatest heat was engendered by the attempt of George F. O'Shaunessy, an Irish Wlson-Democratic congressman, formerly of the New York Tammany machine ... to defeat for reelection Senator Le Baron Bradford Colt, a statesman of honourable distinction, & a Rhode-Island Republican gentleman of ancient ancestry. O'Shaunessy based his campaign on lies; claiming that he has voted to increase soldiers' pay, when in fact he had voted against the increase. ... "

Colt is featured in a reelection ad in the top right hand corner.

When recording facts, Lovecraft continues to be trustworthy - though one must be suspicious of interpretation as he "spins" the information. Lovecraft would be quite prejudiced against any Irish based candidate, and he seemed consistent with the Republican party for many decades.

As often as possible, we will attempt to back up or call HPL on his "facts" as Chrispy finds Ebayeum items - or other items - and able to post them.

Enjoy looking at the fashions of the time, too.

Oh if I had an extra $75! (The starting bid for this collection of newspapers).


Additional found on "Da Google":
1918 Nov 5: LeBaron B. Colt (Rep), elected; George F. O'Shaunessy (Dem), defeated; Frederick W. A. Hurst (Socialist), defeated.

LeBaron Bradford Colt(Incumbent) 42,055 51.76%
George F. O'Shaunessy 37,573 46.24%
Frederick W. Hunt 1,623 2.00%
NY Times blurb:
FAVORS COLT'S OPPONENT.; President Wilson Backs O'Shaunessy for Rhode Island Senator.
Nov 2, 1918, Saturday
Page 7, 146 words

History of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: Biographical
NY: The American Historical Society, Inc. 1920

GEORGE FRANCIS O'SHAUNESSY -- Representative in Congress from Rhode Island in the Sixty-second, Sixty-third, Sixty-fourth, and Sixty-fifth Congresses, Mr. O'Shaunessy returned to private life, March 4, 1919, and to his practice as senior member of the law firm of O'Shaunessy, Gainer & Carr, of Providence, R. I. Mr. O'Shaunessy came to Rhode Island after a busy and useful career in his profession in New York City and State and from participation in political activity in Brooklyn and New York. And in Providence, his home and the scene of his professional practice since 1907, he holds equally honorable and important place, having rendered to his city and the State of his adoption public service of value and devotion. Mr. O'Shaunessy is a son of Stephen and Margaret (Flynn) O'Shaunessy, and was born in Galway, Ireland, May 1, 1868, being brought to the United States by his parents when a child of four years of age. more at ...

LeBaron Bradford Colt (1845-1924) was the older brother of Samuel P. Colt and a prominent lawyer and politician. He preceded his brother Samuel as a graduate of Columbia Law School in 1870 and succeeded him as a member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives from Bristol when Samuel was appointed Assistant Attorney General in 1879. LeBaron was appointed a federal judge by President William Garfield in 1881 and served on the bench as a District Court and Appeals Court judge until 1912. He won election to the U.S. Senate from Rhode Island in 1912, a position for which his brother Samuel had run unsuccessfully in 1906 and 1907. He was re-elected in 1918. LeBaron Bradford Colt died in 1924. An extensive obituary was written for the (Providence) Evening Bulletin, August 18, 1924.

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