Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old Home Week of 1907

Providence,RI,1907,Old Home Week Souvenir Postcard,7/28

Some text from a souvenir program:


Like Rome, a 'City of Seven Hills."

The Head of navigation on Narragansett Bay.

Rich in historic associations and proud of its honorable history.

Gratified by a present prosperity that it's rivalled by but few cities in the
world. Possessed of splendid institutions and unsurpassed educational advantages. Confident of its future, and with splendid advantages yet to be developed.

Fortunate in its environments, its superbly varied scenes of river and hill
and bay. A city government free from scandal, and municipal methods that are widely copied. The natural distributing point for New England for all products from South-
ern ports. A city of individual homes, of detached dwellings and a chance to expand in every direction. Providence is the center of the principal cotton manufacturing district in the United States.

Tt has the largest department market, and the largest drug store in America
and other department stores that have few equals.

Already provided with beautiful parks and popular playgrounds, with a splendic^ metropolitan park system now being laid out.

Noted for its clean streets and intelligent citizenship, the skilled character of its artisans and the exceptionally high grade of its manufactured products. The capitol city of Rhode Island, the most rapidly growing State and metropolis of Southern New England, probably the wealthiest district in the United States.

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