Thursday, January 21, 2010

alligators and lovecraft !!!

Dave Goudsward found these very rare images that could very well relate to Lovecraft and his visits to Florida. In May 1931 on the way to see Henry Whitehouse, he stopped in Miami. I found only a few brief mentions of this visit, "HPL's description of a similar occurrence from 1931: "... Indian village ... very quaint— on the order of the Seminole village near Miami, Fla." "And the screen "Dracula" in 1931 — I saw the beginning of that in Miami, Fla."

-Thank you, Dave!-

Check out his: Shadows Over Florida (David Goudsward, Scott T Goudsward)

This is what HPL would have seen. Try seeing it through his eyes!

The Musa Isle Indian Village was a longtime tourist attraction in Miami. It was on the south bank of the Miami River just east of the NW 27 Avenue bridge.

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