Sunday, January 07, 2007

"The Tomb" in The Vagrant

" amateur editor & critic named W. Paul Cook ... egged me on to the point of actual resumption {of writing fiction}. & The Tomb - with all its stiffness - was the result." (*)

The ebay offering states: THE VAGRANT of March, 1922 has THE TOMB - 1ST APPEARANCE - A rare early appearance by H. P. Lovecraft of an important tale. Published by W. Paul Cook who would later print Lovecraft's undistributed book, "The Shunned House". A rare opportunity to acquire a very early piece and add that special uniqueness to your collection. Published a year before his 1st fictional appearance in Weird Tales!In beautiful condition unfolded! Printed upon slick paper from set type

(*) p. 151 of H P Lovecraft: A Life by Joshi.

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