Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: Ray Bradbury's Early Tribute

One has to love the time machine called ebay. It is part historical museum and part quantum dimensional rift to the past !

This rare item was seen recently. The seller says: THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION Winter-Spring 1950. Vol 1 no 2 is actually the first issue to have the full title, as Vol 1 No 1 was just called THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY. ... The really interesting thing in this issue is the earlier version of RAY BRADBURY's "The Exiles," which is not the same as the one in "The Illustrated Man." There is a long scene, cut out of later versions, featuring H.P. LOVECRAFT, who is confronted by the other ghosts of dead authors (on Mars) & found in an overheated room, scribbling away with a quill pen while gorging on ice cream.

Lots of classic stuff in this issue, by R. Bretnor ("The Gnurrs Come from the Voodvork Out", the first Papa Schimmelhorn story), "Not With a Bang" by DAMON KNIGHT, the original "Gavagan's Bar" by L. SPRAGUE DE CAMP and FLETCHER PRATT, "Postpaid to Paradise" by ROBERT ARTHUR (this reprinted from a 1940 ARGOSY and reprinted several times since), and even a story by Anthony Hope the author of PRISONER OF ZENDA.

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