Sunday, January 07, 2007

More On Tillinghast

We know in The Shunned House and elsewhere that "Tillinghast" was a fixation in HPL's stories. This name was a mainstay in Lovecraft's Providence and featured prominently in sea activities for generations. Here are a few antiquarian examples.

Here are a list of Tillinghasts of the "Gaspee Raiders" in 1772

H. H. Tillinghast, Owner of privateer Clemence, 1782, Field

John Tillinghast, Master of Providence-based privateer, Retaliation, 1777, Field.

John L. Tillinghast, Master of Providence-based privateer, Game Cock, 1783, Field.

Captain Joseph Tillinghast. Of the four Captains Joseph Tillinghast, we know at least one was involved. But, there may well have been more than one Joe T. along for the ride.

Thomas Tillinghast, Master of Providence-based privateer, United States, 1777, Field. Was a Deputy (RI Assembly) from East Greenwich.

In addition, there is an extant 1838 letter to one Joseph Tillinghast (in Washingotn DC) by Rhoda Newcomb who requested help getting her son in the Navy. Click to expand this.

More on the Gaspee Here.

And additional notes on the Gaspee here.

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