Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More On Mercy Brown and Exeter, Rhode Island

Names associated with pre-20th century Exeter include Brown and Tillinghast:

Adams, Albro, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Arnold, Ash, Austin, Bailey, Barber, Bates, Bellows, Benjamin, Bliven, Boss, Braman, Brewer, Briggs, Brown, Budlong, Burdick, Card, Carr, Champlin, Chapman, Clarke, Cleaveland, Collins, Congdon, Cook, Corey, Cottrell, Crandall, Davis, Dawley, Douglas, Durfee, Dutemple, Edwards, Ellis, Ennis, Essex, Fernstrom, Fisher, Fisk, Fones, Franklin, Friend, Fulford, Gardner, Gavitt, Greene, Ginnodo, Gorton, Grinnell, Hathaway, Hall, Hawkins, Hazard, Hendrick, Henry, Himes, Holland, Hopkins, Howarth, Hoxie/Hoxsie, Huling, Hunt, James, Jamison, Johnson, Jordan, Joslin, Kenyon, Knight, Knowles, Ladd, Lake, Lamb, Larkin, Lawton, Leforest, Lemner, Lewis, Lillibridge, Lock, Lockwood, Lussier, McLeod, Mann, Marshall, Merriss, Mitchell, Money, Mowry, Mumford, Nadeau, Northup, Noss, Onion, Palmer, Parker, Peck, Peckham, Pendleton, Perkins, Phillips, Potter, Precour, Rathbun, Ray, Records, Remington, Reynolds, Richmond, Riley, Robinson, Ronien, Rose, Russell, Salisbury, Senior, Shaw, Sheldon, Sherman, Slocome, Smith, Snow, Sprague, Standeven, Stone, Straight, Strange, Stroud, Sunderland, Sweet, Taber, Tarbox, Taylor, Tefft, Thurston, Tillinghast, Timpson, Tisdale, Touchon, Tripp, Tyler, Vaughn, Walker, Watson, Webster, Weeden, Weiss, Wells, Whitford, Whitman, Wilcox, Wilson, Wood, Woodmansee, Young
John E Sterling, Exeter, Rhode Island Cemeteries, 1994


Mark Kodak said...

I do not know if you have seen this yet, but as a fellow Lovecraft fan, I thought you might find it interesting.


Chris Perridas said...

Thanks for the head's up, Mark. I checked out your Dante and Meditation of Scriptures blogs - and they are first rate.


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