Thursday, January 04, 2007

A 2007 New Year's Thank You to You - The Readers

Last year the HPLblog went merrily along and as the year increased, I realized I was not so much blogging to myself - as I perhaps suspected I would - and YOU started reading. Wow.

The pick up in readership the last three months has stunned me. The last few days have been phenomenal and I am humbled you think my words and efforts toward Lovecraft are worthy to be read.

I've mentioned before, this is a hobby. I started out to learn more about HPL and once my library filled with books, chapbooks, and slips of notepaper, a DEAR friend suggested I start blogging. I figured, eh, a good place to park stuff for later use. Then, almost immediately peopel started reading.

Now, thousands have read the archives and many tell me they are regular perusers of the arcana and ephemera I post here. Some even read my stories over at and the posts my sister blog Weird Beasts.

Thank you one and all. I will do my best to increase the professionalism of my hasty scribblings - my time is very limited to do these blogs either in the wee hours of the morning or late at night and also write fiction to flfill my obligations at So p l e a s e forgive me for any errant tpyos {sic}. :)


-Chris Perridas (aka Chrispy)

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