Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Arkham House Collector 3: Summer 1968

The seller states:

Arkham House THE ARKHAM COLLECTOR Number Three Summer 1968 Limited Edition (Approx. 2500 copies) The Arkham Collector was a small periodical published by Arkham House starting in 1967. Each issue contained announcements of upcoming books, news clips, essays, poems, story segments, and much more. As such, they offer a fascinating historical insight to Arkham House and their work. Of note, is H.P. Lovecraft always plays a central role (as with the publisher). Some of the more interesting essays on Lovecraft, first appeared in the Collector. It was treated as advertising, and as such, issues were often thrown away, so even with a circulation of around 2500, copies are hard to come by. Remainder issues of The Collector were bound and sold in book form, again decreasing the number of individual issues.
This is issue number three of The Arkham Collector, published in the Summer of 1968 at 50 cents a copy. 36 pages.
Contents Include:
Arkham House vs. Mycroft & Moran
Back to Praed Street
Of Miles Pennoyer
Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos
Poe by Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836-1907)
The Lemurienne by Clark Ashton Smith
Of Brian Lumley (Short piece on young Lovecraftians submitting stories)
The Cyprus Shell by Brian Lumley (10 pages)
Edith Miniter by H.P. Lovecraft (September 10, 1934)
Atlas in a Fourth Avenue Bar by Arthur M. Sampley
Revelation by Jack Hajdu
"The Shuttered Room" on Film. (Warner release in England)
Cthulhu in Celluloid by J. Ramsey Campbell (great six-page article by this up and coming talent on Lovecraft, Poe, and Horror on Film)
Mary's Ghost by Thomas Hood
Night by L. Sprague de Camp
Clifford M. Eddy (Obit -- friend of H.P. Lovecraft)
Anthony Boucher (obit)
Bibliographical Notes
The Chain by Frances May
The Vampire's Tryst by Wade Wellman
Coming Books
Pogo Cartoon by Walt Kelly with tribute to August Derleth

The publications measures 5.25" x 7.75". Arkham House, Sauk City, Wisconsin. Nice condition, no tears, just yellowing due to age, toning close to spine. According to Leon Nielsen in his invaluable reference book Arkham House Books: A Collector's Guide the value of this Collector is listed at $35.00.

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