Sunday, January 21, 2007

Henneberger and Houdini: Testimony of Sam Moskowitz Part 1

Chrispy has tracked down a rare copy of Sam Moskowitz' essay on how Weird Tales was founded. In it, there is a clear statement about JC Henneberger and Harry Houdini.

"Among Henneberger's closets friends and a staunch admirer of Weird Tales was the famed magician Harry Houdini."

Here we finally here from a friend of Henneberger that Houdini was not only a friend but actively interested in Weird Tales. Houdini was not a mere "columnist" or "contributing writer". What Henneberger knew, there was every chance he would share with Houdini. This would include his "discovery" of HP Lovecraft.

... continued ...

1. Worlds of Weird, selected by Leo Margulies, introduction by Sam Moskowitz, illustrated by Virgil Finlay, Jove, NY, 1965. p.11.

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