Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lovecraft Loved Ice Cream

Here are vintage 1920's ice cream order pads ! Now, Chrispy does not know if HPL visited the Laurel Ice Cream Company, but Lovecraft did eat copious amounts of the stuff.

The seller states: The item you are looking at is 6 order or receipt books from the Laurel Ice Cream Co. in Providence, Rhode Island. These are from the 1920's. Across the top reads, "Laurel Ice Cream Co. 208 Laurel Hill Avenue Telephone West 3589 Providence, R. I. _______192. The line is for the month and day, and the 192 is for the year, so they could be used from 1920-1929. The top page is dirty on each pad, but the pages unde are not. The one in the top center is missing the white first page. Each book has 50 two part forms.

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