Monday, December 11, 2006

A Pause to Reflect: One Year. Thanks to All

It will be a year on December 16. This is the 363rd post on the blog. Wow, is Chrispy tired. But happy.

Where to start to thank everyone who has stopped by to read, to contribute, and encourage?

First a very dear friend who helped me through the hieroglyphics of blog templates those weeks before Christmas and giving up part of the holiday to help me. Blessings to you.

My colleagues at who often contribute words - especially Ian Derbyshire and John Rowlands.

The renowned Tom Lera, spelologist and bat expert, whose passion for Lovecraft is tremendous.

And others who contribute essays, comments, debates, and substantive facts to this blog forum. Most notably of late, Theo Paijmans.

Thousands of you have viewed and watched as this tribute to Lovecraft and his Legacy has come together. As long as blogspot holds together, we have many adventures together. I also hope that you will use these references in your own research.

I ask that you continue to be patient - I have a day job !! and I have my own fiction and essays to write in the coming year over at I also have the fun Weird Beast blog (see margin for link), and I plan on showing my sketches and photography on an upcoming blog (see the various "Interludes" in this blog for a preview).

Until the next post,

Yr Obdnt Srvnt,

Chris Perridas

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