Saturday, December 16, 2006

10 November 1926: A Day In The Life of HPL

Lovecraft finished The Strange High House in the Midst* on 9 November. He was simultaneously writing and editing The Silver Key and The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. Only days before, he had beem stunned by the death of Houdini (31 October) which dashed the hopes he and C M Eddy, Jr. had of completing The Cancer of Superstition.
The previous month of October had been very busy. He took a trip with Aunt Annie Gamwell to the "ancestral home" and met many who still recalled stories of his grandfather Whipple Phillips.

Here is a copy (from ebay) of the newspaper he would have read upon rising the day after he finished writing *TSHHITM - The Providence Journal of November 10, 1926 - (24 Pages)
Dunne's Vote Cut 161; Leads Hughes by 166

Eight Injured as Fierce Storm Sweeps Over State

Deputies Approve Execution of Foes of Fascists' Chief -- Mussolini Consents to Measure and to Second Unseating All Recalcitrant Assemblymen

11 Children Killed; Storm Razes School -- Twisting Wind Strikes Suddenly Out of Sultry
Maryland Sky -- Twenty Pupils Injured; Two Negroes Dead (La Plata, Md.) {Maryland's deadliest tornado occurred at a school in La Plata on November 9, 1926. Fourteen students died at the school, and three people were killed in nearby homes. -Chrispy}

Army - Notre Dame Game Tops Saturday's Card

Providence And Brown To Join Hockey League

Canton And Roller Versatile Elevens -- Players on National League Teams Which Clash Here Armistice Day Are Accustomed to Being Shuffled About Lineup - Many Are Stars (Canton Bulldogs and Steam Rollers will play tomorrow afternoon at Providence Cycledrome)

Ads for RED GRANGE in One Minute To Play .... and other ads on Vaudeville, movies, theatre.

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