Saturday, December 02, 2006

Let's Learn More about J C Henneberger Part 1

To possibly understand more about Houdini and the friendship of Henneberger, and who might have used who for what ends to influence HPL, let's look.

Henneberger meanwhile had been hoping that HPL would not turn down the editorship offer {for Weird Tales) when it came, and there were many moments when Howard remained on the verge of accepting. But just the thought of residing in Chicago ... made him realize that he was "dreaming a dream that could not be." He informed Henneberger that ... he would be happy to take over the editorship ... to edit the magazine by mail from Providence, or Brooklyn..." A week later Howard and Henneberger rang the doorbell on the Long apartment and Howard introduced him ... Henneberger was as unlike HPL as any two individuals could be ... same height ... same hair coloration ... Henneberger was as highly energized in an extroverted, successful businessman way as anyone I had met ... soft spoken and had a cultivated widely read sideto his nature ... {He} centered the conversation around tripling the circulation of Weird Tales. and proceeding from there to build a publishing empire that would dwarf NcFadden's in four or five years. be continued ...

From Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Dreamer on the Night Side, Frank Belknap Long, updated, 1975, Arkham House, pp. 118-120.

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