Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Announcing: Charles D. Allen & Chilling Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos

Charles has granted the HPLblog an EXCLUSIVE !

By most standards, I'm a new writer; by that, I mean a published one. It actually started off by writing interviews for magazines and then, after an inspiring interview with British author, Phil Rickman, I started actually submitting my fictional work. I tend to publish one out of every five stories that I write (for payment), which I think is pretty good. While King, Rickman and Straub started me off, my inspirations sought writers from decades ago: H.P. Lovecraft, F.M. Crawford, Robert W. Chambers, Clark Ashton Smith, Poe, and especially Nathaniel Hawthorne. And non-genre writer, Charles Dickens. I try to re-imagine these motifs for a modern world, all the while staying away from "monster clich├ęs".

E'ch Pi El was the brainchild of John B. Ford & Steve Lines, who edit and distribute collectible chapbooks through Rainfall Books. A friend of mine told me about them and suggested that I write a Lovecraft piece for submission and that's what I did. In the beginning I realized that Lovecraft had two types of stories. Those that tried to make you feel the supernatural, through the unseen principle, and those that were more blatantly Dunsany fantastic. I decided to write one that molded these ideas together; in effect, creating two stories that ran along side each other and that affected each other.

It was actually a surprise that my story appeared beside Robert M. Price (The Horror in the Genizah) and Kevin L. O'Brien (Far Sight). The story I wrote was supposed to be published in their magazine Lovecraft's Disciples, issue 5 or 6, beside newer talent, but I think the length of my story suggested that it need more room. I didn't know about it until I received my free copy in the mail. I'm glad, though, because I've read both authors and they know the universe, the material, and they raise the bar for those who write in the Lovecraftian sub-niche.

Thanks, Charles !

Chilling Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos
Format: Softcover Chapbook, Length: 39 pages

E'CH PI EL contains three chilling tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, inspired by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft and others. Featured authors are: Robert M. Price, C. D. Allen and Kevin L. O’Brien.

FAR SIGHT by Kevin L. O’Brien

To purchase: Click here.

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